Should our client wish to file a grievance, Achieve Ability is prepared to give the following information in the most appropriate form: assistive technology, Braille, large font print, sign language, and/or individual’s language.  And of course, it would verbally read, and a written copy will be given out.

Step I: Talk to the CoordinatorWhen the consumer expresses dissatisfaction with a decision made by our team, one member of our team, or a natural consequence of consumer choice, it will be the staff person’s responsibility to explain why they came to the situation in understandable terms to the consumer. At that point, the staff can modify the decision or maintain enforcement of the decision. Staff will advise the client of their right to pursue the issue with the Program Director.
Step II: Talk to the Program DirectorThe consumer at this point notifies the Program Director of their disagreement with the decision. The Program Director will, at that point, complete a fact-finding to get as much information as possible. Once all of the facts are gathered, the Program Director can modify the decision or enforce the current decision. If, at that point, the Program Director has decided to enforce the current decision, the Program Director must advise the consumer of their right to contact their Regional Center Counselor. If the consumer does not have the phone number, the Program Director will give the consumer the phone number and help to facilitate the call if necessary.
Step III: Talk to Regional Center Counselor (CSC)The consumer can then contact the Regional Center Counselor (CSC) and express dissatisfaction. It is assumed that, at this point, the counselor will contact the Program Director to discuss the issue over the phone or in a face to face meeting format, with all parties present. Details of the situation will be disclosed to the counselor (CSC) and the justification for that decision. The current decision will either be modified or enforced.
Step IV:If, at this point, the consumer still is dissatisfied with the decision, the consumer can ask to discontinue services with our program if an agreement cannot be met to satisfy all parties involved.
It is hoped that the consumer and the client’s circle of support members will be able to come to a proper decision long before Step IV. It is the responsibility of the staff with AA to implement skills acquisition programs in a way, which builds a positive understanding of the benefits for each consumer and protects the safety and welfare of the consumer and the staff themselves. The consumer’s acceptance of these benefits is crucial to the success of this program. Our program is success-based, not punitive based, and with this in mind, disagreements should be held at a minimum.